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Going Green With Your Window Treatment Choices

Green window treatment choises

Choosing between custom shutters, draperies, shades, and blinds is about marrying the right combination of form and function. Your window treatments should work for you while looking good, and for modern-day homeowners, they should also be eco-friendly.

Homeowners want window dressings that produce some green aspect to help reduce their carbon footprint. The good news is that multiple options are available to help create a more environmentally responsible household.

Beautiful & Eco-Friendly Window Dressings

What constitutes a green window treatment? What characteristics should you look for to ensure you get greener window coverings?

  • Window Insulation - Window treatments that help insulate your windows' glass will improve your home's energy efficiency. Reducing energy loss helps make your household greener and enables you to save some green each month when you pay your heating and cooling bill. Shutters, honeycomb shades, and thicker fabric draperies are the best choices for insulating your windows.
  • Sustainable Materials - Natural fibers for woven wood window shades are some of the most popular choices right now because they're made from a renewable resource. Eco-friendly materials mean you're not depleting a resource or choosing manufactured materials that pollute the environment during the construction phase. Wood blinds are a good choice, or look for bamboo, jute, hemp, reeds, or grasses for your window blinds or shades.
  • Choose Recyclable/Recycled Materials - You can do your part for a greener household and healthier environment by selecting window coverings made from recycled materials or at least recyclable once you're done with yours, they won't end up in a landfill. Aluminum, vinyl, and wood are some examples of recyclable materials, but it may take some research to find a location to recycle your window treatments once you're done with them. Remember that donating outdated window dressings so they can be reused is also a greener option than throwing them out.

Choose A Caring Company

By working with LightStyle Solutions, you can feel good knowing you're partnering with a company that cares about your satisfaction and bettering the environment. Your satisfaction is our top priority, but we're also committed to taking steps toward a cleaner ecosystem, and we'll do our part to help educate you about greener window treatment options.

Call us today to learn more about custom shutters, shades, blinds, and draperies that will help make your Nashville home a greener household. Let's schedule your free, in-home design consultation to work together to find you the right window coverings.