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Are Window Treatments Included With The Sale Of A Home?

Included window treatments

Not sure if you want to add those custom shutters to your home? Shopping for homes and wondering if the window blinds you see come with the home? While window coverings weren't always included in a home's sale, that's changed in recent years.

As a general rule now, anything permanently affixed to the house with screws, nails, glue, cement, pipes, etc., is considered a part of the home. Of course, before buying or selling, make sure to clarify that for your individual situation, but let's look at how this could impact you.

Adding Window Treatments To Your Home

If you're not sure you'll be staying in your home long-term, is it worth adding custom window shades, shutters, blinds, or draperies? In most cases, the answer is still yes, and here are a few of the best reasons why:

  • Increases your home's value - You'll be able to recoup much of the cost if you add quality window treatments to your home because it raises the value and the asking price.
  • Makes it more desirable to potential buyers - Your beautiful custom window treatments make your home look more welcoming, which helps attract prospective buyers.
  • New owner ready - Even if it's not the exact window coverings they would have chosen, it's one less thing to have to immediately take care of when moving it, which makes it a faster and easier sell.

Hashing Out The Details

Are drapery solutions "permanently affixed" and part of a home or not? Do you have to pay extra for the window treatments?

Each situation is unique, and some grey areas often need to be discussed. You can work out many of the details in the negotiations, but the point is to make sure you bring up these points instead of waiting until it's too late.

For instance, you're looking at a home that has different window treatments throughout the house, so you ask your realtor if they're included. As previously mentioned, the affixed shutters should be, but the drapes and their hardware may not be. Make it a point to get clarification about what stays and what goes.

If you're buying a home that doesn't include some of the window coverings, you can always request them for an additional cost. Just make sure they'll work with your own furnishings. It's easy to fall in love with the existing window treatments because they look lovely in the home, but will they still look as aesthetically pleasing when paired with your own furniture and decor?

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